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Cats Won't Stop Showing Up At This Woman's Porch Begging For Help…

Neighborhood cats keep showing up on this woman’s porch, and they’re looking for help.
It all started with Sophia, a tuxedo kitten, that showed up at the woman’s door in April, 2013. “She was a feral kitten abandoned at 3 days old,” – Maria Delk (@max_maxthecat).
Shockingly enough, the tiny kitten still had her umbilical cord attached when they found her. They nursed her back to health, and grew under their love and care.
After rescuing some more cats that showed up, more and more cats started showing up at her door. Her porch would fill up daily with other homeless cats looking for safety, food, a home. Obviously, cats were spreading the word about this newly discovered safe haven. Free food, why not! Smart kitties 🙂
“There are about 15 different ones that come,” Maria told thedodo. “I’ve named some. I don’t name some. I’m trying not to get too attached.”
Most of the cats in the neighborhood are feral or lost. Many cats that Delk has come across are hurt or need need help in general. Cats can sense love and care, and in this situation, they’ve been able to detect a very loving and caring person miles away.
For example, one of the porch cats, Bob, decided it was time for him to join the warmth of their loving home.
“Bob moved in on Christmas after a few months of living on our porch,” Delk told Love Meow. He knocked on the window one day and has been with them since.
They rescued a few more porch cats along the way until a month later another cat showed up with a huge injury to his face. His name is Gandalf.
“We managed to trap him and take him to the vet. He had a blown abscess,” – Delk
Gandalf at first was being hard headed, and didn’t want to stay inside. He just wanted to go back to his feral life. “Two weeks later he came knocking on our door and hasn’t left since.”
“Finally I felt at ease – all cats were happy and the porch cats were heathy, then Bailey showed up,” – Delk
He came with a mouth sore, asking Delk for help. She happily took care of him until he healed.
Just when they thought they had settled with enough kitties in the house, another little one came into their lives. One night, as they were getting ready for bed, they heard a kitten cry came from the window. It kept going for a while, so Delk’s husband went out to check it out.
“We found her sick across the street late one night after hearing her meows,” – Delk. “We got her care and now she’s our newest family member.”
They named her Grace.
Max is the big brother of the house, and welcomes his new sister into their family. “Everything is going to be all right.”
The house is now packed with 7 cats and dogs. But the slew of cats just keeps coming.
Recently they also discovered that Grace had 2 siblings and successfully trapped one of them. Her name is Hope. A very fitting name indeed.
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