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Cat with Handsome Two-Toned Face Fathers Two Kittens, One for Each Side of His Face

Narnia, who lives in Britain with his owner Stephanie Jiminez, is a blue-eyed boy with a face precisely split into a gray and a black side. Based on his looks he may appear to be a chimera cat but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“A geneticist performed tests and found Narnia has only one DNA…there remains a mystery for science…He also has beautiful blue eyes, which is very rare in a cat that is all black. Normally blue eyes are often found in white cats,” the owner added.

While what caused Narnia’s handsome face fur is unknown, he is passing little of it down to his kids. Narnia is now the father of two kittens that have each taken their fur color from either side of Narnia’s face. The siblings, gray-haired Phoenix and black-haired Prada, have surely gone fifty-fifty on getting the best of their dad’s good looks. Neither of the kittens got Narnia’s blue eyes, but they are marvelous nontheless!

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“When Narnia was born I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional.” But the kids grow up fast, and the boi has grown into a full-blown heartthrob… and a dad!

Two cutie pies in each color

“Narnia is very well and he loves playing with his kittens.”

It turns out, it’s not the first time and most likely not the last that Narnia has been a parent. Stephanie, who is a professional cat breeder, said that he has already been a father several times, and all his kittens are of different color variations.

In addition to Prada and Phoenix, Narnia has two light brown twins, Orfée and Ozanna, pitch black Roswell, gray Rose, and two beautiful multicolored boys, Polaris and Phantom.

Seeing their mom and dad, good looks are surely in the genes

Narnia’s blue eyes are show stoppers on their own

Amazingly, unlike Prada and Phoenix, the other kittens have inherited Narnia’s striking blue eyes. “It is very rare, there are only a few cats in the world that are fully colored and have blue eyes. This is a new gene called “ice,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie also said that Narnia will soon be a dad again and his kittens should be born around June 29.