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Cat Has Sweetest Reaction When She Sees Former Owner At Nursing Home

Chicken Little is a sweet cat that loves her dad Tony, unfortunately, Tony suffered from a stroke that resulted in him being taken to an ICU ward at a hospital. It was clear that even once released he would not able to care for his beloved cat anymore. Thus, he knew he had to find a new home for her where she could be cared for. Tony’s neighbors, who were temporarily looking after Chicken Little, began a search to find her a new home.

Amanda Hassan had been on a waiting list to become a cat foster mom, so she took Little in and soon fell in love with the cat. After a few days she decided to officially adopt her. At the same time Chicken Little went to her new home, Tony was moved from the ICU to a nursing home where he could receive the care and assistance he needed. Chicken Little is happy with Amanda but she misses Tony very much so Amanda decided to sneak her into the nursing home for a visit. The home didn’t allow pets but for this special visitor they turned a blind eye. Once Amanda was in Tony’s room she was let little out of her carrier. At first she was a little shy but as soon as she saw her old dad she rushed over to him for leg rubs and then snuggles. Amanda is hoping that these visits can become a regular thing, with any luck they’ll be able to visit once or twice a month.

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“We are hoping to take her in every couple of weeks,” Hassan said. “We are hoping to keep his spirits up with regular visits.”