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Calico Cat Judges Her Human Everyday with Her Epic Eyebrows

This is Lilly, a calico kitty with quite the personality. Everyday, she judges her human with her set of incredible looking eyebrows.
After being found on the streets of New Jersey, this beautiful calico moved into a forever home when she was just four months old. She was born with a pair incredible green eyes and a ton of cattitude.
“She is very energetic and makes funny expressions with her eyes and face, especially when she is playing,” Lilly’s human (@lilly_crazyeyes). “She loves to cuddle and follows me around most days!”
Those rather unique eyebrows give Lilly a ton of interesting looks. She’s the queen of the house, and like most cats get very vocal when she demands food.
The sink is currently occupied, her human must wait.
Lilly contemplating life and all its glory.
The little supurrvisor monitors her humans by the dining table every time they eat.

There’s no such thing as privacy in the bathroom.
The queen of the house is quite vocal when dinner time rolls around.
Most days Lilly chills by the window to watch birds and people while enjoying the little things in life.
Lilly showing you her concern on going to the bathroom alone! Humans should know better that bathing in a tub full of water is a terrible idea.
“Don’t do it!”
“This is my bed, but we can snuggle!”
Waking up in the morning…
“Belly rubs meow!”
Lilly trying to ‘help’ put dishes away…

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(h/t: Love Meow)