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Blind Kitten with Heart Condition Lives Out Final Months With Ultimate Bucket List

When good Samaritan saw a tiny, sick kitten struggling in the middle of the road, he scooped him up and immediately took him to the nearest animal hospital. A staffer at Coral Springs Animal Hospital in Florida quickly realized that the 2-month-old kitten’s prognosis wasn’t good, and decided to adopt him herself — with the help of her coworkers.
“When I first saw Lemon, I knew I was going to bring him home,” said Bryanna Rosario, a vet tech
“After Lemon’s initial exam knowing he had grade 4 heart murmur, which is pretty significant for a kitten, I took him to the cardiologist to have an echocardiogram. His prognosis was poor… she believed he’d only live for another few months.”
Lemon was born blind and with severe heart condition. “His heart is like Swiss cheese and isn’t pumping blood where it’s supposed to go.”
But little Lemon is happy, playful, purring with no pain. Bryanna wants to give him a chance for a happy life surrounded by love and adventure even if it may be for only a short period of time.
“His quality of life is not being affected by his heart right now. After understanding Lemon wouldn’t live a long life, I decided to create a bucket list for him so that way he can live the rest of his few months happy,” said Bryanna
They created Lemon’s Bucket List, and are trying to plan as many outings and activities for him as humanly possible.
Little Lemon is being cared for at the Coral Springs Animal Hospital. He is like a member of the family to everyone there.
Lemon recently visited the park the other day and sniffed all the wonderful and interesting scents he could find. He was very excited and even tried to catch the leaves and play with branches. You would never know he’s blind when this wonder boy uses all his other amazing senses.
A few weeks ago, they gave Lemon his first birthday party. He enjoyed his birthday cake and celebrated it with all his friends.
They even took him to the beach where he had so much fun running around and playing with the sand. He was fascinated by the sound of the ocean waves and the cool breeze. It was by far his most favorite adventure.
Watch the cute beach video:

Little lemon is also quite an artistic as well. He paw painted this beautiful piece of art. We have a natural born Picasso.
They also elected Lemon to be the first feline president of the Coral Springs Animal Hospital. He won with a unanimous vote.
Spent a day at the car racetrack…
Lemon has also found a girlfriend, Rajah the cat.
They adore each other, and little Rajah acts as his seeing eye cat.
“Lemon is a super sweet and spunky kitty who will shower you in kisses and steal all your food,” said Bryanna.
“My time with Lemon is going to be short but the sweetest.”
Lemon is enjoying every single one of his adventures and living life to fullest. He is so happy that he falls asleep with a smile on his face. Their time together will be short, but they are determined to make the time as incredible and filled with love as possible, and that’s what matters.
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