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Blind Cat Survives Hit And Run After Lying In Road For 3 Hours

 Sir Whiley Kitty is a 13-year-old stray tuxedo cat who is unfortunately, completely blind — and it’s a miracle he’s still alive.

Jennifer Minnich, from Hollywood, Florida, helped save Whiley’s life. And now, she’s made it her goal to find him a loving and caring home.
“I live in Florida and am seeking a home for a senior blind cat who was struck by a car in my neighborhood last week, beat the odds and I wish he could have a happy forever after,” Minnich wrote in an email to The Dodo last week. “Is there any way you could help spread the word for a home?”
Whiley was hit by car in Minnich’s neighborhood on July 4.
“Unable to move with a totally dislocated pelvis, he was left lying on the street for three long hours, going into shock,” Minnich said.
Thankfully, a neighbor put a bowl of water and food next to him, and and kept him company until help came. Then, another neighbor spotted the scene at 11 p.m. that night, while she was walking her dog, and she called Minnich.
Together, they took him to the emergency vet.
The veterinarians saw a very small chance of survival for the blind cat. “They wanted to euthanize him because they thought he’d be paralyzed,” Minnich said.
But Minnich told them to wait — and good thing they did. Seventy-two hours later, Whiley improved dramitically, “amazing everyone,” according to Minnich.
Minnich is fostering Whiley as he gets better, but she can’t keep him. “My hope is he finds a real home to transition to, where he can settle in peacefully and permanently.”
Whiley will be available for adoption in August. “Whoever meets him will fall in love,” Minnich said.
If you’re interested in adopting Whiley, you can contact Jennifer Minnich at 305-298-3709 or [email protected] (Subject line: SIR WHILEY KITTY). Share with friends!