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Against All Odds, This Stray Kitten Survived And Won’t Stop Smiling Now

Meet Penny, a tiny stray kitten that was found on a Sunday when local veterinary clinics weren’t open. Luckily a family took her in and hoped their efforts would be enough to keep the little kitty alive until the next morning.

They gave her a bath, warmed her up, fed and hydrated her using a syringe. The next morning the vet warned them that Penny was in pretty rough shape. It not uncommon for a week old kitten to not have opened her eyes as generally they open their eyes around 7 to 10 days after birth but the blood caked around them was not a good sign.

She also showed signs of injuries to her mouth which had been crushed by something or someone. The vet also found some gravel in her mouth. The family brought Penny home and continued to give her around the clock care. They continued to nurse her with love and a week later she finally opened her eyes!

Little Penny has grown much stronger with each and every day and the injueries to her mouth have left her with a permanent quirky smile. Eight months later and Penny is now a chubby kitty – she’s full of energy, always playing and always looking for a cuddles!