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Abandoned Cat Was Antisocial Until A Tiny Kitten Forced Him To Play With Her

Cats of San Bernardino is a non-profit rescue organization that received a call from a woman about a cat that had been hanging around an apartment complex for over a year, she started noticing the cat was not looking too well and was in need of some help.

When they arrived at the complex and saw the cat, named Phoenix, they realized that he wasn’t feral but had probably been left behind by somebody that had moved away. He was friendly didn’t mind being touched but he was in a bad shape and had lost quite a lot of his facial hair.

It was obvious to all that he had been outside for quite some time and on top of poor help he appeared to be depressed, most likely due to being abandoned by his previous owners. With some care and attention he began to look better and once again was looking like the handsome boy he once was.

However, Phoenix was still showing signs of depression, he kept himself to himself and avoided all the other cats. That was until he met Ruby. She was discovered in someone’s back yard along with her siblings and it was touch and go as to whether she would make it because she wasn’t feeding.

Then one day Ruby decided enough was enough and latched onto the bottle, from that moment on she blossomed. This is where she would run into Phoenix, this tiny kitten came into his life and things were never the same again.

Watch the video:

It was so pleasing to see Phoenix take notice of it Ruby, it was like a miracle. The difference in him warms the heart and it’s good to hear that the pair will be put up for adoption together.

The people that run the Cats of San Bernardino do a fabulous job and it’s amazing that Phoenix finally came out of his shell and found a companion to spend the his days.

You can find out more about the great work they do or make a donation here