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8 Cooking Shows That Cats Would Have On The Food Network

There is no denying that cat’s curiosity is much bigger than themselves. Especially when it deals with food. They think the closer they get to food, the bigger the chance they have that their owner will just it all to them. Obviously, there’s no chance in that happening. Unless the owner wants to land their cat a spot at the vet for overfull tummy. So much is their love for cooking, that cats should basically have their own cooking shows. They would be called something like this….

 1. Shoulder Chef

This week on Shoulder Chef, Onyx attempts to teach a lowly human to make the perfect spaghetti sauce. Also, he tests multiple types of ground beef.

2. Catch a Wave

Next week on Catch a Wave, Max observes humans as they warm up leftovers, and then he looks alarmed when the timer dings. What a fun combination of food preparation and comedy!

3. Feeling Spicy

Tonight on Feeling Spicy, Patches tasks a human to create a dish using the spices she has swatted from the shelf: cumin, rosemary, anise, and cream of tartar. Now that’s a challenge!

4. The Drowsy Gourmand

Tomorrow on The Drowsy Gourmand, Sweetie Pie rests her head on a wheel of vintage Gouda. You’ll never guess what happens next! Or maybe you will.

5. Tablescape This!

In case you missed last week’s episode of Tablescape This!, Stripes sat on the end of the Easter dinner table and posed while humans attempted to shoo him to the floor. That is all.

6. Basket Case

Last night on Basket Case, Calliope loafed diagonally across the inside of the picnic basket, charging the humans with the feat of making room for a dish of potato salad, two deviled ham sandwiches, a bag of baby carrots and a container of hummus. What could possibly go wrong?

7. Bowled Over

Tomorrow on Bowled Over, a human attempts Quiche Lorraine and roasted rosemary potatoes with the “help” of two tabbies and a calico. Will she advance to the finale? Tune in!
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