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19 Year Old Cat Born Pure Black Develops Brilliant Spotted Coat Due to Vitiligo

Over the past few years, this gorgeous cat has transformed his pure black coat into an extraordinary spotted pattern.
Say hello to Scrappy the cat.
Here is the first picture ever posted of Scrappy online
At 19 years old, senior Scrappy has turned his once pure born dark coat into one with snowflake like markings.
When he was 7 years old, white spots starting appearing on his black fur. Over the years they became more extensive as he aged until it manifested into this white spotted pattern.
In 1997, Scrappy was born from a litter of five and looked just like any other black kitten.

Scrappy’s owners believe that their cat has a condition called Vitiligo, which has caused the black coat to turn a patchy white.
Profile photo shows just how amazing the pattern truly is.
Although senior Scrappy is 19 years old, the beautiful feline is still a kitten at heart.
He loves to spending time with his human dad and grandma. One of his favorite past times is napping in the warm sun of the garden.

Vitiligo in cats is extremely rare and is caused by a loss of pigment in the skin.
Despite his unusual markings, Scrappy is very healthy for his age.
The Oreo Mcpurry kitty
Sir Scrappy! Dapper little guy.
As the most senior cat in the house, Scrappy is a leader to his feline protégés who shall follow his paw prints.
Scrappy and his two adopted grandchildren, Lily and Rose.

This incredibly handsome kitty only grows wiser and more beautiful with age.
Scrappy as handsome as ever
Video of Scrappy in the garden relaxing with his human dad.

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