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This Guy Makes Hollywood Movies Better By Editing His Cat Into Them It Is Hilarious

Cats have a variety of talents. They are excellent hunters, great at human manipulation for treats, and some cats are even amazing actors. Well when you Meet Lizzy that’s the case anyways. She goes by Owl Kitty – our newest Instagram sensation. This black cat is going viral for her amazing performances in nothing else but famous movies made in Hollywood. Her cat-dad, Thibault (Tibo) Charroppin is a talented video editor who is making Lizzy shine like the true star that she is..and he’s doing it with great success! Some of Owl Kitty’s video clips have garnered well over million views and her Instagram account has close to 700k fans who can’t wait for the next feature to be released!

Scroll down to see the amazing movie remakes for yourself!

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Should be oscats!


This girl is on fire!


“Oh, you’re home. Where’s dinner. “


Which one was your favorite remake!?