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These cats guard and protect a cemetery in Japan, and they're always there to cheer up and support the people who visit their loved ones at the cemetery.

13 Cats That Prove Cats Mean Business When It Comes To Food

When cats are hungry, it's all they think about. No, they don't have patience to wait for food. They want food, and they want it now. And, you know that pizza you're having for dinner tonight, yeah....that's what they want. They say dogs are obsessed with eating, but cats may have them beat in this category. For cats, food has no boundaries, and no barriers.

Husky Picked Out Her Own Kitten From Shelter

Little Raven, a Tamaskan husky pup, needed a friend to grow up with so her human mom Christina knew that she can’t just pick a best friend for someone. Instead, she took Raven to a shelter in Lubbock, Texas and let her pick one for herself!

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