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Matilda, The Cat With The Alien Eyes

Matilda was born in 2013, inside a hoarder house. She was discovered and saved by a rescue society, and 12 weeks later was adopted by a loving family. As she grew older everything was normal except a squinty eye and enlarged pupil she would get every now and then.
The owners reached out to the rescue society to see if any of the other kittens from the litter had reported any eye issues. It had turned out two of them had developed a mysterious eye condition. So, then they took Matilda to a veterinary ophthalmologist. That doctor discovered that Matilda had a condition called’ lens luxation’. The owner of one of the other kittens from this litter opted for surgery with mixed results. So the family decided to simply monitor it.
Matilda’s eyes have since luxated and now she gets eye drops to treat it. She also gets regular checkups to monitor any changes signs that she’s uncomfortable (the pressure levels in her eyes remain normal). She is nearly blind, but she can still see light and motion. Today, her owners are happy to report that Matilda seems to be doing well and is adjusting to her new-found fame on her very own Instagram page.


Some call her the “alien cat”, but we prefer “adorable cat” 🙂 Share with friends!
(h/t: twisted sifter )