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15+ Cats That Make Men’s Hearts Melt Like Ice On A Hot Day

If a guy says “no” to a cat in the house, this is not negotiable. At least, this is what these guys thought until…they met these furry felines. Take a look at these strict fathers and husbands that couldn’t even imagine having cats to having their hearts absolutely melted by them.

“For 40 years, I was sure that I wasn’t a cat person.”

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“I don’t want a kitten. He’ll destroy the sofa”

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“A stray that wouldn’t leave turned into a daddy’s cat.”

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“My husband is allergic and hates cats.”

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He said he was “protecting him from the dog.”

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“We are never getting a cat.” – my husband

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“She can sleep in the garage, but there’s no way she’s allowed inside the house.”

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Dad went from “You’re taking him with you when you leave.” to “Are you really gonna take him with you??”

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My dad: “We do not need a cat. I do not want a cat. I will not take care of a cat.” Also my dad: Builds a handmade cat bed with wheels on it

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“My grumpy dad with the pet he did not want”

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My dad, after one week when he said, “no cats in this house”

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Dad went from, “You’re taking him with you when you leave,” to “Are you really gonna take him with you??”

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“My dad just got a kitten.”

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“Dad: We are not feeding that feral cat. Also Dad: I set up a heated cat house in the backward and put a camera so we can make sure she’s home safe every night.

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“My boyfriend who thought all cats were evil is now doing indoor rock climbing to reach her. Why? ’Cause he wanted to kiss her forehead.”

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“My husband, the life long cat hater. He found Crookshanks abandoned on a job and offered some token resistance when I wanted to bring him home. Six months in and while they’ve been tight since day 1, he often remarks that Crook is the weirdest dog he’s ever had.”

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Do you have stories of when one of your family members didn’t want to get a cat and now they love them more than anything?