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9 Quirky Struggles That Cat Owners With Cat Allergies Face

Here's a scenario, you adore cats, you have a cat or cats, and suffer from cat allergies. So, what do you do? Give the cat to a new loving owner, right? Wrong! You keep the cat, because you're a crazy cat lady/man, and will deal with sneezing a thousand times a day, and blurry watery eyes every day. That my friends, is true love. If you're one of these special people, than these daily struggles should ring a bell...

People (*ahem* doctors) often suggest getting rid of your cat, but you’re like, “NOPE. Not an option.”

You find yourself vacuuming WAY more often now than when you didn’t have a cat.

You’re perfectly willing to suffer a sneezing fit just for a few minutes of cuddle time with your cat.

Your bag/purse/whatever is constantly stocked with antihistamines.

And you love giving your cat kisses even though it means your lips will probably swell up afterwards.

You probably tried making your cat sleep ~somewhere else~ when you first got him/her. LOOOOOOOL.


You wash your hands about 1,246 times a day because you can’t help petting your cat.

You sometimes tell yourself, “Maybe my body will get used to my cat?”…and then you immediately sneeze.

And finally, you know you’re perfectly willing to endure stupid allergies because your cat is 101% worth it.