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7 Cat Photos That Should Be Album Covers

What is it with cats and their photogenic genes? They’re always ready to strike a pose, and they never ever fail at it. They must have super model alter egos. But, pay closer to attention to those perfect poses. You’ll see they totally have album cover potential. Just like these cats did.

Boy band

Some of their hits would include:
“Goodbye Forever” (a post-neuter lament)
“Girl, I’m Climbin’ the Curtains Over You”
“Seven Minutes in the Linen Closet”

Artsy, indy solo artist

Some hits may include:
“Meow into the Abyss”
“Valerian Vision”

Punk band

Some hits would include:
“Grain-Free Riot”
“Screw Vaccinations (Give Me Rabies)”
“Pillow Vomit”

New Age performer

Some hits would include:
“At One With the Moth”
“Poultry Dreams”
“Sacred Geometry of the Laundry Basket”

Country solo artist

Some hits would include:
“Bubba Stole My Shoe Box”
“Catnip Makes Her Frisky”
“Goodbye Tabby, Hello Heartbreak”

Rap supergroup

Some hits would include:
“I Like Big Mutts and I Cannot Lie”
“Let Me Be Blunt: Pass the Catnip”


Some hits would include:
“Purr With Me a Little Longer”
“That Night on the Cat Tree (Changed Me Forever)”
“I Want to Share a Faucet With You”
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