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21+ Cats Who Picked Their Owners Instead Of Waiting

There are numerous ways to how one can acquire a household cat – it can be bought breeders, it can be adopted from a shelter, chosen from a pet store or even be inherited. But there’s one more way of getting a cute cat, and it’s when the feline chooses you him/herself!

My Parents Started Feeding A Stray Kitten A Couple Weeks Ago. This Was Their Front Porch Today.

Not My Dog, Not My Cat, But They Come To My House And Sit Like This Every Day…

This Little Guy Showed Up On My Brother’s Farm One Day. My Brother Took Him To The Vet, And His 10 Year Old Daughter Told Him All She Wanted Was This Guy For Her Christmas, She Wanted No Presents Any More But This Guy… Meet Popeye

So I Walked Into The Kitchen At 5:30am And Saw This In The Sink… This Is Not My Cat..

Had My Window Open To Have A Smoke When I Suddenly Heard Meowing… Turned Around To See This Guy

Woke Up This Morning To This…

Found This Little Guy Squeaking In My Back Yard

There Has Been A Stray Cat Outside Of My House Since Summer. Today We Decided To Let Him Inside To Stay Warm And A Few Hours Later We Found Him Like This!

This Guy Showed Up At My Back Door Last Night, I Guess I Own A Cat Now

Was Woken Up At 2.45 This Morning By This Asshole… I Don’t Own A Cat… Is This How You Get A Cat?

Found This Little Guy In My Parent’s Back Garden. He Has Heart-Shaped Black Nose

This Little Guy Jumped Up In My Work Truck With Me For A Bit. Best Day Ever!

Came Home. This Is Not My Cat. We Were Both Surprised

We Were Hearing Some Noises In Our Shop, So We Set A Live Trap And Caught This Guy

So, I Came Home To This… I Don’t Own A Cat

I Woke Up To This On My Balcony, Seven Floors Up! I Don’t Even Own A Cat! This Is It… This Is How I Die

Came Home To This. I Don’t Own A Cat

This Guy Just Randomly Showed Up At My House One Day And Now We’re Bros. I Call Him Oj

Walked By The Bathroom And Something Caught My Eye, Did A Lean Back Double Take And Noticed….. I Don’t Have A Cat

Finished Painting The Kitchen, Went To Sit Down And Found This. Nothing Too Strange, Except The Fact I Don’t Have A Cat

So I Just Woke Up At 4:45 Am With A Non Stop Meowing Noise… Open My Apartment Door And This Little Guy Came Running In. Should I Keep Him?

He Jumped In My Car And Wouldn’t Let Me Leave Without Him. I Don’t Own A Cat. Is This How You Get A Cat?

Got Home From Work And Fell Asleep. Woke Up With This Guy On My Lap. I Don’t Have A Cat

I Guess I Have A New Cat. This Guy Walked In My Front Door And Made Himself At Hom

My Dad Just Sent Me This Picture From Our Bathroom. We Don’t Have A Ca

There Was A Visitor By My Guest House This Morning

While Visiting My Girlfriends Family In New York, I Woke Up To This… They Don’t Own A Cat

Been Working In The Office For An Hour. Turned Around And Saw This. I Don’t Have A Cat

I Don’t Own A Cat. I Was Having A Good Old Fashioned Day Nap And My Missus Snapped This Sneaky Feline Muscling In On My Hard Earned Warmth

I Don’t Have A Cat

I Have Two Cats. This Is Neither Of Them. Intruder!

Didn’t Spot Him At First So Got A Slight Shock. Also, That Is Not My Cat

Considering That I Don’t Own A Cat, I Was Surprised When I Heard A Weird Sound On The Car Porch And Noticed Them

Studying For Exams, When Suddenly This Guy Confirms The Stereotype. Also, This Isn’t Even My Cat

But I Don’t Own Any Cats…

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