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19 Cats That Were You In College…Nailed It!

Do you remember the way you were in college? Or perhaps, the way you currently are in college. It's an exciting time in someone's life, but it can also come with many challenges. And, the way you go about getting over those challenges are what can either make or break your experience. What we don't realize is that cats' daily lives resemble our college lives a great deal. Take some time and observe them. You'll laugh at the similarities.

Actually you whenever you sit down to do any work whatsoever.

And you again, 5 minutes later when you’ve given up.

How you react immediately after hearing any mention of pizza.

Or when you’re set another assignment.

When you snooze your alarm for too long and have no time to get ready properly before a 9am.


Pretty much how you feel the majority of the time your in lectures.

And whenever your rent comes out of your bank account.

Your exact reaction every time a deadline you’ve been doing a great job of ignoring sneaks up on you.

When you’re in the mood for a big night out but your housemate’s being antisocial.

Or when your attempt at doing uni work isn’t going well so you try to distract everyone else too.


Literally you trying to concentrate in seminars.

And also you shortly after saying “Yeah, so I’m just going to go do some revision for an hour or two.”

How you react every time you get caught trying to pinch a bit of your housemate’s food from the fridge.

An accurate depiction of what happens whenever you try to get on top of your work.

When you walk out of an exam and start to question who you are and why you’ve put yourself through this shit.


Or when you just keep putting off writing an essay again and again.

And then realise you’ve left yourself no time whatsoever and have to pull an all-nighter.

When you’re trying to be Christmas-y but your lecturers keep setting you loads of uni work.

And finally, you the exact second you’ve submitted all of your essays.

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(h/t: The Daily Touch )