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17 Things Only People Who Are "Besties" With Their Cats Will Understand

If you find yourself cancelling out plans with your human friends, to secretly stay home on a Friday night with your cat, then your cat is your BFF to the extreme. And, hey….there’s nothing wrong with that. But, prepared. Because, you’re human friends won’t understand that super tight bond you have with your feline buddy. Only you understand the inside jokes with your kitty, only you understand them entirely, and vice versa. It’s basically a relationship full of secret codes, that fill only your soul 🙂

For both of you, there’s literally nothing better than a night in.

Your best friend regularly reminds you to be present in the moment, and get off your computer.

You both have the same passion for food.

And your selfie game is seriously off the charts.

After all this time together, you’re practically the same person.

And you can tell your best cat anything, because they’re such a great listener.

When you’re feeling bad, your best friend knows exactly how to make you feel better.

And overall, you’re both just so supportive of each other.


It might seem a little weird to other people, but your bestie likes to watch you shower.

And if you’re being really honest, you’ve watched your best friend take baths before.

You both have no problem spending entire afternoons napping together.

Sometimes you’ll follow your best friend to a new room, but they’ll also follow you around just as much.

People might go so far as to suggest you’re a little codependent.

One of the hardest things you regularly have to do is leave your best friend alone in the house.

Because when you’re gone, all you do is think about how great it would be to see your BFF.

And nothing feels as reassuring as when you both hold hands.

But the ultimate thing you know is that the best kinds of hugs are the ones that come from your bestie.

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