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11 Things Your Cat Would Ask If They Could Talk

A lot of people define cats as being “mysterious” and “curious”. So, one would easily assume that if cats could speak, they’d probably roll out a plethora of questions. But, what exactly would those questions be like? Well, if you know your cat at all, you’d know they’d most likely not be serious questions. They would for sure be quirky and funny. They would go something like this….

 The heck?! Why are these sleeping square fish so cold?

Please God tell me it’s true. Did that delivery guy just bring us a new box?

 It’s okay; I’m not mad, but why are there only four people brushing me?

 Which pocket is your wallet in?

 Does the ghost — that only I can see — seem anxious to you today?


I think the real question is, why AREN’T YOU excited about this sunbeam?

Despite how loving I was 10 seconds ago, I hate you now. How many times do I have to tell you this?

Now, when do I get paid to be friends with the dog? Is it monthly, or weekly, or what?

 Don’t you agree that cat box jumping should be an Olympic sport?

I’m pretty sure it’s this way, but any ideas on how I’m supposed to sit on this couch?

You know, I haven’t asked in awhile — but how’s the family? Good?

Needless to say, cats are pure entertainment and joy! Share with friends!