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10 Odd Cat Best Friends That Are Insanely Adorable

Cat And Pig Nap Together

Leonardo diCatzio, the two-year-old Ragdoll, is taking a nap with his best bud Moritz the pig. You can tell these two are the best of friends, from the loud purrs Leonardo is giving off. The two love to cuddle up together cozy under the blanket. Now, that is friendship!

Bird Wakes His Best Friend

We all know from Looney Toones, that birds and cats do not mix. But the situation is different for this pair.This bird loves his buddy Chama the American Shorthair so much he tries to wake him from his cat nap by giving him kisses nonstop. Instead of attacking, the cat rolls over and returns the affection. This loving relationship proves even so-called mortal enemies can be friends.

Massage Therapist Cat

 This is kitty, a black American Shorthair, and his daily routine includes giving his buddy, Captain a massage. And, Captain isn’t complaining 🙂 Wouldn’t you want a massage from a kitty too?

Cat Loves His Bearded Dragon Buddy

Puppet and Puff have a very unique relationship. You would never expect for a cat and a bearded dragon to be best friends. But, these two have a daily routine of sunbathing and cuddling together. They are living life, like a Jimmy Buffet song….relaxing as can be.

Kitten Meets Hedgehog

Loki the kitten meets his friend Harley the hedgehog for the first time in this video. While at first Loki is a bit confused by his new and unusual little friend, these two are sure to be friends for life.

Cats Lounge With A Snail

Okay, now this is the most odd pairing.  A snail spots two cats lounging outside, and decides to relax on one of the cat’s paws. The two felines are very gentle with the curious snail and even give the snail kisses. These cats are very passive, so it seems they’ll have a lot in common with their new little friend 🙂

Size Doesn’t Matter

Size doesn’t matter in true friendship. This cat and horse show us so. They love to cuddle and snuggle together. And, the cat shows no fear of the horse. He just continues to get closer, and snuggles continuously. This unlikely pair are sure to be BFFs for life.

Bunny Pillow

These two take snuggling to a totally different level.  But, there’s a problem. This cat’s concept of snuggling, involves using the rabbit as a pillow. While the kitty seems pretty comfy, the bunny is without a doubt a very good friend for putting up with it.

Cat Adopts Ducklings

This cat adopted three tiny ducklings, and took them in as her own babies. This kitty had just become a mother to her own kittens and took in the three ducklings as part of her litter. This mama cat has a great concept of family, to say the least.

Cat and Mouse Become Best Friends

And of course, the best for last. A cat and mouse who are best friends. Meet Huan the cat and Jerry the mouse. These two are truly inseparable and have a very loving relationship. While it may be hard to believe, these two are actually friends. They even love to have dinner together!
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