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10 Must Have Toys You Need To Get Your Cat For Christmas

Since the holidays are here, you'll have to figure out what to get your precious kitty. And, as you know, the options are endless when it comes to cat toys. But, there are some that definitely make the top of the list. They're the ones that are so clever and unique. And they'll keep your cat(s), entertained like no other toy could. Those are the ones you want to invest in, for sure. Ladies and gents, these are the best cat toys of 2016!

1. PetSafe Frolicat Pounce

The toy encourages exercise and stimulates the need to hunt with three tunnels for the mouse to zip in and out of. It has four speed settings for varied play and shuts off automatically after ten minutes to preserve battery life.

2. SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

What appears to be a simple box with circular holes is actually a mind-blowing game for your cat.
The holes act as paw entryways for retrieving balls and other toys trapped inside. It requires strategic thinking and careful planning, keeping kitty distracted and off your keyboard! Even better, there’s no limit to the number of cats that can play at once. Keep calm and bring out the box.

3. KONG Playground Cat Toy Catnip Treat Dispenser

This toy made the list for its sheer diversity and its inclusion of catnip. It has a treat dispensing wheel, a dangling catnip toy, a water trough, and a ball on a track to keep your cat fed, hydrated, and busy. The catnip smell alone will drive your cat crazy and rev him up for the games and treats. With all the activity going on with this toy, your cat will find it hard to break away and steal your lunch.

4. Trixie 5 in 1 Activity Center

Like a board game for cats, this toy features five separate games, each offering a new and stimulating challenge.
It requires treats to coax cats into retrieving them from the various parts of the board which includes globes, pegs, alleys, holes, and a tunnel. Each section provides a unique treat-retrieving task for your kitty, keeping her entertained for long periods of time.

5. PetSafe Frolicat Cheese

One of the most original and enticing toys on this list, Cheese includes two electronic mice hiding inside a giant block of cheese. They venture out and return back into hiding at random speeds, and it can be set to run for 10 or 15 minutes. The wireless toy takes three AA batteries and includes a feature that allows random play throughout the day while you’re busy or away from home. Your cat will never miss you again.

6. Toys R’ Us Pets Interactive Cat Scratcher

This is the perfect toy for pet parents who want to encourage their cats to use a scratching post. Because hyper-active cats don’t just affect us – they affect our furniture! This scratching post includes three irresistible toys, a toy on a string, a mouse on a spring, and a mouse perched on the side, that will keep your kitty off the couch and glued to this fun-filled post. Every cat lover’s dream!

7. Trixie Mad Scientist Beaker Cat Toy

Another clever innovation by Trixie, this toy will make your cat look like a crazy genius when he’s really just hunting for snacks. It features three containers that resemble test tubes hovering over a base of pegs. Your cat has to flip the tubes over and fish through the pegs to get his treat. It also comes with a variety of lids so that he always has a new challenge.

8. Petlinks System Mystery Motion Electronic Activity Cat Toy

A classic known to all, this toy shelters an electronic mouse under a sheet of fabric that makes your cat feel like he’s hunting hidden prey. The mouse goes around in circles under the fabric to tease your cat into swiping and pouncing. It has four different settings for varied play and is easy to assemble and clean. There are no pesky wires necessary as it only requires three AA batteries. This type of toy can wear your kitty out and put him to sleep for the night (at least until the 4 a.m. yowl session).

 9. PetSafe Frolicat Dart Duo Laser Cat Toy

A perfect choice for people with multiple cats, Dart Duo features a double headed laser pointer that rotates and changes directions randomly to keep cats chasing red dots for up to 20 minutes at a time. The device requires three AA batteries and contains four adjustable speeds and timer settings. Set it on the floor in a cleared space and watch your cats go nuts. This one NEVER gets old.

10. Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit

A favorite among cat lovers, this toy provides colorful entertainment for one or more cats. The concept features a ball on a track with different elevated points that allow the ball to speed up and slow down depending on the touch of your cat’s paw. The motion-activated ball flashes as it rolls around the partially-covered track, adding to the excitement of the chase. Additional tracks can be purchased and connected if your kitty demands a little extra activity.
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