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10 Cats That Have Enough Love For The Entire World

Cats are often said to be aloof and independent but they can also have the same emotions as humans — from empathy and love to hate and fear.They sometimes even experience them in a much brighter way than we do. They don’t abandon those that need help and they show empathy to strangers.

“I don’t know the name of this cat or whose cat he is but we’ve been friends for over 2 years now. Every morning at about 5 a.m., I go for a walk and he follows me.”

© SwiftGlassEater / Reddit   © SwiftGlassEater / Reddit  

“The time I rescued a crying kitten outside and my cat cuddled her”

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“I was bathing the little cat and it was screaming. The older cat that hates water jumped in and tried to pull him out. And they say that animals can’t love…”

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This is how long-term friendship is born.

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“That time I finally managed to get a picture of my 12-year-old cat licking my 11-year-old dog, which always confuses the dog and she slowly moves away as if to be polite…”

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A mother’s love

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This cat follows his owner to the gym and then sits in reception waiting for his owner to finish their workout before walking them home.

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“Every morning he comes in at 5:30 a.m. for a cuddle.”

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“My cat holds my hand and stays with me when I’m feeling down.”

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“Caught the golden boys snuggling!”

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